We Now Accept Cards – Amex, MasterCard, Visa, PayPal

Pay now with your PayPal account or major cards.

Faster, Easier and Safer  Card Transactions

Cards will make dealing with us so easy compared to having to transfer money to our account. You never have to give out your account details and neither do we. It is securely done via PayPal and soon we will also be taking phone transactions if that makes it easier.

Faster with Cards

Soon we will have a full checkout basket service. Until then tell us what you want and we will direct you to a page where you can finalise your transaction via PayPal. Don’t have a PayPal account? – not a problem. Pay with your card. Fast and simple and we will send you your balloon(s) within 24 hours on a weekday. With Australia Post Express delivery it will arrive overnight for most people. We will provide tracking too so you can check your delivery.

Easier with Cards

No more phone calls, no more hard work in getting your balloon(s) sent and soon we will have our online shopping working and PayPal at the checkout. It has never been easier.

We can even rent you support items like fill regulators and even gas cylinders.

You don’t have to wait until you can transfer money to our account and you don’t need to go and make a deposit over the counter. Simple, Fast and Easy.

Safer with Cards

We never see your transactions. It is done via PayPal either through a PayPal account or via credit or debit cards. PayPal is one of the World’s biggest financial institutions, well known for its Internet Security. You finalise your transaction through PayPal and HABworx never sees your financial information. Similarly, we do not have to give out our account for any reason. All PayPal transactions are done over secure encrypted pages.

PayPal also acts on your behalf. If you have a dispute, they will work with HABworx until there is a satisfactory outcome.

Phone Purchases

If HABworx is talking to you over the phone and you wish to complete the order via phone, we can do that too. All transactions are completed on line via the Commonwealth Bank over secure pages. PlusComms does not keep hard or soft records of the card. We do keep hard (paper) records of your Name and Delivery Address and what you ordered. Again, this is as safe as we can make it. Eventually this will also be soft copy with the online shop, but no financial details will be kept as they will go through PayPal- again ensuring the maximum security that the Internet can offer.

Other Services

We can accept cheque and other payments – eg via the Post Office. Please arrange these with HABworx via our “Contact” page. This will take time as cheques need to clear and special trips need to be made to the Post Office and may not be possible every day.

State of the Art?

Soon we will have the latest services with the on-line shop and checkout. We are close now and have made it Faster, Easier and Safer. There is only a little more that we can provide and it is coming soon.