Autumn is a Time for Advertising

IMG_4479Balloons and Advertising

Interested in using HAB services for advertising? Read on, but first a quick update on our balloon stock. Due to an illness in the family, we have moved HAB product to be a  a team commercial effort to ensure that our customers are well looked after.

We currently have 800 gram and 1,500 gram Totex balloons. This is the original stock from last year and we are nearly out. They are still under 12 months old and new stock is on the way.

We are also able to supply (for rent) CB radios to help with your communications and HAM radio tracking systems, (We need to prove that you are a HAM operator before I will release them). We can rent almost anything including Spot trackers. We can even organise supply of helium tanks, regulators and other components.

We are preparing a range of new products to form a complete starters kit for HAB flights in Australia.

Advertising and Corporate HAB

Want to create TV advertising or other media? We specialise in meeting the needs of the corporate sector. Ask us for a quote for your advertising needs. We look after, TV science, live events, relays from the stratosphere or “near space”, corporate branding, photography, animated models and just about any advertising you can imagine. We have worked with teams of 40 in the field and can arrange catering, accommodation, toilet facilities and much more at our country launch site at Rankin Springs of other locations around the state or country. We can even handle bookings for flights in other countries through our network of HAB providers. Animated moels can be expensive and take months to complete, but flights of a basic nature can be organised quickly and if the weather is on our side, some flights can be organised within a matter of weeks.

Although no one can guarantee 100% recovery of your payload, we do have guarantees in place to re-fly your payload should certain failures occur. We often can do that on the same day or next day depending on arrangements. Payloads of up to 1kg are normal, but payloads of up to 4kg are possible and even larger payloads can fly, but may require the use of specialist balloons that have to be hand made for the job.

We can work with drones or even supply some drone services.

Speak to us about your needs. Advertising is our business.