IMG_4479Weather Balloons For Sale in Australia

Welcome to HABworx, the one stop shop for all your High Altitude Weather Balloon (HAB) equipment in Australia. This site is geared towards Australian HAB enthusiasts, but we welcome sales from anywhere in the world.

HABworx now takes Cards through PayPal.

Not all cards. MasterCard, Visa and Amex. We do this through PayPal, so your transactions are not seen by HABworx and they are secure through PayPal. This means that HABworx never gives out its account details either, so this is gives us the security that we need too. At this time, just let me know what you want and if we have stock, I will direct you to a secure page to purchase the balloons.

Use the Weather Balloons the Experts Use

One question we hear all the time is “where can I get weather balloons in Australia”. The answer is simple. You can get weather balloons right here and right now at HABworx.

Use the Balloons that the experts use. We have 23 launches and 23 recoveries making that a 100% success rate. We believe that exclusively using high grade has been an important factor for us to have 100% recovery rate.

Totex 100 gram Red BalloonOur online shop will be selling weather balloons, balloon equipment, radio systems and much more for those interested in flying High altitude weather balloons. We will also be selling general comms equipment from time to time and HAM radio equipment to verified HAM radio operators. Keep watching!

Some of the uses out weather balloons had been put to include High Altitude flights (of course); projection media (screen); giant tennis balls, line of site objects for radio towers, internal organs in a giant horror setting; art shapes in an installation; floating sign holders in indoor displays, camera tethers over lakes to measure algae bloom growth and so much more. It seems that you can do almost anything that you want with balloons and we are happy to sell you these latex balloons for any reason.

Note that we are located in Sydney, Australia and the shop is for the convenience of Australians who may not be able to wait for a delivery from overseas. We will not always be the cheapest, but we will be the best and keep only very fresh stock unless otherwise declared and discounted.

Right now we have stock of:

  • 100 gram Totex Red Ceiling Balloons $20 + $15 Australian delivery for up to 4 balloons +GST
  • 800 gram Totex Weather Balloons $120 + $20 Australian delivery + GST
  • 1,500 gram Totex Weather Balloons $190 + $30 Australian delivery + GST
Overseas orders are exempt from GST, but will have an additional handling fee and a much higher delivery fee. No details yet as we are focusing on the Australian market. If you have a need for bigger quantities than 3, we can start to discount. We have great prices for orders of 12 or more with 4-8 weeks lead time.

Email us via our contact page: http://habworx.com/contact/

Leave your number and we will respond within one working day.

We also have 2 x 3kg weather balloons. These 3Kg balloons are well over their expiry date (maybe about 3 years old – good for displays ($150 each).

We will calculate postage by Australia post depending on what you order. eg 500 gram express post bag can handle 4 X 100 gram balloons + bubble wrap and costs $15. The same to New Zealand will be $20 postage; to the US $25 postage and to anywhere else $30 postage. Fast delivery costs are usually very high with Australia Post

Totex Balloon specs:


We will be supplying NEW weather balloons, although we may have the odd balloons from  time to time. I can also organise large orders if needed.

At this stage, payment will be via a bank deposit. If you wish to chose PayPal, we will need to charge extra for the fees that they extract!

We will soon be able to RENT: Helium bottles, (E), balloon fill regulators, fill hose, tracking systems including HAM radio APRS transmitters, HAM radio APRS enables handhelds, Filling tubes, Cable ties, hose, bubble wrap, tapes and much more mostly for pickup from Sydney. Shipping can be arranged, but not for the gas bottles. Pick-ups for sale items in Sydney can remove the delivery cost.


We are now able to supply “E” size helium tanks (3.1 cubic metres) and balloon regulators, PVC fill hose and more for rent – pickup in Sydney only. We need two working days advance notice and that may be more if I am away, so advance bookings are essential.

Rental Prices:

“E” size Helium tank (full) is $350 + $500 deposit for five working days and then $2 per day after that time per tank.

Party Balloon Regulator

  • $15 for five working days and then $1 per day with $30 deposit.
  • $10  for 5 working days if hired with a tank of helium and then $1 per day with $30 deposit.
  • Free for five working days if hired with 2 tanks of helium and then $1 per day with $30 deposit.

Clear 19mm 3m PVC hose free hire with regulator or purchase. Price TBA

We can supply duct tape, cable ties and numerous other products – just ask.

Totex 100 gram Red Weather Balloon Box