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HABworx is the complete site for getting your High Altitude Balloon photography, advertising, experiments, data gathering completed to the highest tolerances. We are located in Australia and benefit from clear air and great conditions for flying balloons. At the time of creating this page, HABworx had successfully released and recovered 30 payloads. 100% success rate tells a great story. We are not only leaders in balloon flight, we have the technical expertise to assist you with your mission. Below is a recent advertisement created for MYOB accounting software. They wanted to launch their new logo with a stratospheric theme linked to cloud computing and much more.

I suggest that you click full screen to get the real impact of this video! In fact go to YouTube and it is really HD


The payload had 8 cameras 3 power banks, 6 voltage regulators, 1 actuator and 2 trackers. One camera was a Fly360 x 240 camera.

Special extended until Mid March (15th) 201740-percent-off-discount-sale-icon_2

Book and pay for a balloon flight for your payload by the 15th March 2017 and we will give you a 40% discount on our usual charge of A$3,000 – that is a discount of A$1,200 for a final price of A$1,800.

It requires the following as do all our balloon flights:

  • The weather must be good both in the jet stream and on the ground – weather predictions are only about one week in advance.
  • Your payload has to be 3.5Kg or less.
  • Fire, floods, heat and other conditions may interfere with our ability to provide the service on an agreed date.
  • The payload must be suitable and safe for flight – Pass an Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) risk assessment criteria.
  • There are no guarantees of recovery, but we rate 100% so far with 30 flights.
  • Recovery from trees may take a little longer.
  • We can launch without you if the payload is simple
  • CASA requires 3 days to produce a NOTAM – a NOTice To Air Men. There is no charge
  • All flights will be released from near Rankins Springs NSW depending on the winds in the stratosphere.
  • We can assist with optional extras such as Lithium batteries, any special requirements with CASA
  • Flight can be redeemed at any time with about 4 weeks warning and meeting other criteria.

Go to our contacts page and message us so that we can contact you. Leave a phone number and any information: http://habworx.com/contact/

HABworx now takes Card Payment

Not all cards. MasterCard, Visa and Amex. It is through the Commonweath Bank and it is a secure payment with no record kept on site so no ability to have your card details hacked.

We are now able to supply “E” size helium tanks (3.1 cubic metres) and balloon regulators, PVC fill hose and more for rent – pickup in Sydney only. We need two working days advance notice and that may be more if I am away, so advance bookings are essential.

Rental Prices:

“E” size Helium tank (full) is $350 + $500 deposit for five working days and then $2 per day after that time per tank.

Party Balloon Regulator

  • $15 for five working days and then $1 per day with $30 deposit.
  • $10  for 5 working days if hired with a tank of helium and then $1 per day with $30 deposit.
  • Free for five working days if hired with 2 tanks of helium and then $1 per day with $30 deposit.

Clear 19mm 3m PVC hose free hire with regulator or purchase. Price TBA

We can supply duct tape, cable ties and numerous other products – just ask.

Remember we can help you make that special video like Cloud9 Yougurt – “frozen in the clouds”.